Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Saga of Darren Shan

Darren Shan's an ordinary schoolboy, until he and his best friend Steve get tickets to the Cirque Du Freak, a bizarre freak show featuring such arcane performers as Hans Hands, Gertha Teeth, the Wolf Man and Rhamus Twobellies. In the midst of the ghoulish excitement, true terror raises its head when Steve recognises that one of the performers -- Mr Crepsley -- is in fact a vampire!

Book 1 - Cirque Du Freak
Book 2 - The Vampire's Assistant
Book 3 - Tunnels of blood
Book 4 - Vampire Mountain
Book 5 - Trials of Death
Book 6 - The Vampire Prince
Book 7 - Hunters of The Dawn
Book 8 - Allies of The Night
Book 9 - Killers of The Dawn
Book 10 - The Lake of Souls
Book 11 - Lord of The Shadows
Book 12 - Sons of Destiny


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Book 9 Killers of the Dawn has been removed ): can you fix that please?

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"Anonymous" looking for the ninth book:

I'm not sure of posting other e-book site here, but... well, at least is there.

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It says book 2 has not been found!!?